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diFINEST drives implementation of best in class Israeli technologies within leading European enterprises.


Our success is based on three principles:

The know how

Deep understanding, experience, and networks within the Israeli tech and European corporate ecosystems.  This allows us to bridge cultures, design win-win processes, and ensure actionability and timely adoption

The way

Long-term, trust-based relationships with European managers and corporates. Our relentless focus on the needs and interests of our partners leads to tailored solutions, short-term results, and enduring value creation.

The Skill

Broad skills within Israeli technology ecosystems.  Our knowledge and experience lead to effective scouting and validation, efficient processes, and strong alignment.


Yael N. Wachter


Yael is a senior business development leader with deep understanding of Israeli tech ecosystem and European corporates

In 2003 Yael had joined the primary team of SuperDerivatives a FinTech start-up in the derivatives space, As Sales Director at SuperDerivatives, Yael had Established strong business relationships with leading European banks and corporates, driving growth and penetration of innovative trading and analytics platform. Created solutions to increase adoption, meet business needs, and improve efficiency within highly regulated markets globally. Super Derivatives was sold to ICE in 2015 for $350 million.

Yael holds a B.A in Economics from Ben Gurion University and M.S  from Brigport University New York

Lyron Warman


Lyron Wahrmann has years of experience in various high-level management and R&D positions and serves as Senior FinTech expert and FinTech lecturer at NYU & IDC.

Lyron established and headed Citi Technology Innovation Center in Israel till 2016. Opened in 2011, by 2016, the center employs ~200 people developing applications for Citi Institutional Bank, Information Security and Compliance. The center specialized in data & analytics among other areas. Lyron initiated Citi’s first acceleration program globally, in Israel. The accelerator was elected as one of the best in the country.

Before joining Citi, Lyron served as R&D director at SuperDerivatives(sold to ICE for $350M) , a global leader in cloud based market data, derivatives trading technology and analytics.

Ilana L Shabtai

Managing Partner

Ilana is an Innovation expert, experienced in collaboration between hi-tech startups and companies/public segment in the Dach region.Responsible for operations and Project management, Ilana has experience of 18 years in the security field. 

Founded boutique advisory company for Israeli HLS and Defence industry with vast experience in promoting initiatives in Dach countries.Former worker at the ministry of defence in Israel. experience as a conference coordinator at the International Atomic Energy Agency. HR responsible in ELAL Security department, an expert in the field of Aviation security.

Ilana holds a B.A in Psychology, political science M.A in International Relations

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